Foreman and SaltStack


I'm using SaltStack on foreman but some things are not clear to me:

  1. In /src/salt/ I have 3 files:

top.sls defines a environment "base". I have assigned base to one host but I have only selected the Salt State "tree" for this host. Unfortunately, it will also apply "httpd" which isn't selected as Salt State.
I guess this is because "This is done in addition to top.sls." (foreman salt documentation). Is it best practice to "skip" /srv/salt/top.sls and specify environment + states completely in foreman?

  1. When I assign a new Salt State to the host (after adding a new state in /srv/salt), will it automatically Run Salt or do I need to run it manually using "Run Salt"?

  2. There is a button to add a new Salt State - like "vim". What's the purpose of this button as it doesn't allow to specify the planned actions (like, install the package httpd, change configuration file XYZ). I guess you need to do this always in /srv/salt - means, you need to add the salt state /srv/state/vim.sls on foreman.

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