Foreman ansible job output

I just installed foreman 2.4, and ansible plugin, on centos 8.
The documentation at Foreman :: Plugin Manuals
says, “If you ran Ansible from Foreman itself, the output of your Ansible run will be saved in our database”

but I dont see anything about how to READ that output?

I just successfully ran a job. It changed a few things on the target host.
When I pull up the page with details on that specific task…
I see interesting tabs such as “Errors” and “Running Steps”…
Even a tab that says “Raw”, and claims to have the “Raw output”…
but there is no output?!?

When you’re at the job invocation details page (the page where you landed when you kicked off the job, with donut chart on the top left and table of hosts at the bottom). If you click any hostname in the table at the bottom, it will show you the output for the selected host