Foreman as a reporting frontend for existing Puppet deployment

Greetings all,

I'm fairly new to Puppet and Foreman and have been working on a new Puppet
4 deployment to manage our server environment. I've been somewhat
disappointed by an easy to use reporting tool for Puppet Agent runs.

I've had my eye on Foreman for a while, waiting for Puppet 4 support to
come, and it's finally here (somewhat)!

I believe the existing foreman-installer still uses Puppet 3, so I can't
just throw together a new Puppet server as a replacement for my current one
running Puppet 4, but is there a way I can feed reports from the existing
Puppet Master into a standalone Foreman installation just so I can get my
eyes on the current run statuses for my Agents?

Is it as simple as making a new box to run Foreman and stand it up without
the puppet server option, then just configure a smart proxy to talk to my
Puppet server?

Thanks for the help!