Foreman bootdisk

Hi folks,

I'm creating an ISO bootdisk for building a machine (it's a host specific
one), but I can't get it to chainload from anywhere other than the central
Foreman server.

In the current scenario I have a central server and 2 Capsules, but clients
can always see the Foreman server, so deployments work. In the future I'll
be putting a Capsule behind a firewall that will prevent any access between
clients and the main Foreman server.

What can I do to get the ISO image pointing at the relevant Capsule for a

I also notice that url setting in the kickstart file points to the central
Foreman server and the last step of a build is to wget a URL on the central
server. These will also fail for clients behind this firewall unless it
changes to point at the local Capsule.



Sorry - meant to post this in the users list