Foreman bot for Infoblox repositories


I would like the bot to automatically associate issues with PRs for the two repos:

How do I set this again? Thanks.

I know this one :smiley: It’s based in the PR processor which has a repos.yaml. Then there’s a script in Redmine that mirrors the repository. Once that’s in place, it should also make sure the repositories are set up in redmine (/ - Repository - Infoblox - Foreman in this case). This sync is done in an hourly cronjob.

Note that this is all already in place.

The repos.yaml appears to have Infoblox repositories, the rest does not make sense to me (where exactly is the script?) What am I supposed to do to make this happen? Thanks.

The script lives in infra:

It looks like the webhook to trigger the PR processor that automatically adds the Github PR URL and sets it to testing was missing on both repos. This is now set up.

Note that the new bot I’ve started to work on is a GH app and that doesn’t suffer from the manual setup. I’ll work on finishing the replacement so we can remove the webhook-based implementation.