Foreman Cache Store

We also discussed supporting memcache, but given use cases that Redis provides outside of caching made us (those at the in-person discussion) feel that it wasn’t worth it. It’d encourage some users to install it and then later they’d need to migrate.


Ohad made a good point we should probably add this as session store. I vote for two separate databases so they can be separately tuned. I want to work on a patch to add cache for facts, I wonder if I should use separate database or simply Rails cache. My concern is that this can easily grow in size for large environments and also the facts cache must have LRU expiration (hosts which were removed or shutdown and stopped reporting facts) alongside explicit expiration.


:+1: for separating them. It means you can clean caches without destroying all sessions. You can also set persistence for sessions but not for caches.

Just for the record, we actually use ActiveRecord provider by default and there is no way to change that (well except modifying application.rb manually).

Anyway, Redis has been merged, RPM package is ready. We still default to file cache and there is no installer support yet - volunteers needed. I am willing to do the documentation part after we have the installer.

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