Foreman Class order and smart parameters issue

Hi guys!

I am using Foreman to assign a few classes to a node. I need to run some of
this classes before the rest, which Foreman doesnt know. I've been reading
quite a lot about this and i found about wrappers and Stages. I dont want
to mess with the classes code as they are community and dont wanna break
everythihng when updated at my system. So i created a very simple wrapper
which basically calls all the other classes in order. This approach brings
me another issue which is the smart parameters. I was handling them via
Foreman according to Matchs, which worked OK when assigned the classes
directly (without the wrapper). The wrapper kinda makes Foreman not to read
the Smart parameters as they are totally ignored when catalog is applied.
Hope my problem is clear. Thanks for any guidance you can give me.