Foreman Client on s390x - Smoke Tests

Linux on Z - Smoke Tests

For the smoke tests I want to investigate using a service from Oregeon State which provides s390x Jenkins capacity. Could we add Jenkins capacity to the current environment with the OSU offering? @ehelms mentioned that previously there had been issues with remote Jenkins workers, could someone shed some light on some of the troubleshooting you have already done?

I think pinging @infra team might be useful here :slight_smile:

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In general I’d say yes. The jobs would need to be handled like “remote” jobs.

I’ll try to recap the history as it has been 3-4 years since we tried using the Jenkins Remote Trigger plugin to trigger one Jenkins from another. As I recall, we attempted this with and ended up locking up our own Jenkins bad enough that we had to hard reboot the entire host running the Jenkins. Given we had no clean way to replicate the issue or debug it we abandoned that in favor of using Ansible to trigger jobs remotely and monitor them for us. While a Jenkins native way would be nice, the Ansible method has been working nicely for a year or so now.

Reading that site again, I now think what they are offering on tiier Jenkins side is not a fit for us.

On the DEB side we’re also just building arm64 DEBs but dance the BATS dance on amd64 only. IIRC the goal was to have S390 RPMs, correct? Then I guess it’s a matter of getting koji running on such a host in our mechanics…

But for all the RPM stuff I’m out anyway. :slight_smile:

Chatted a bit on IRC, figured I would summarize here. These smoke tests or nightly pipeline is pretty far out and this is really a discovery post to brainstorm issues and concerns.

So the concern here is that OSU uses a containerized Jenkins environment. To support the Foreman client, but also looking beyond that, are we able to replicate the smoke tests currently being run for amd64 on a contanerized environment or do we need a “real” VM?

From a direction given by @ehelms there was an interest in broadening the smoke tests to test against more architectures.

So currently there is no smoke tests for client bits… when we get to this point in the port this will be something I’d be interested in implementing but will need some feedback from the community as I go along…

Is there any threads regarding Foreman Client smoke tests outside of the scope of Linux on Z that I should be aware of? … will do some research as well on the forums