Foreman Community Demo Items - Thu 15 Feb 3pm [GMT]

Hi all,

Demo time! As always, have a think for items which have been completed since
the last demo on 2018-01-25. There is a query that will show you items
completed (i.e. marked as closed) since the last demo [2]. Please add demo
items following the instructions on the agenda page [3].

If you can’t be present but have something to show, add it to the
agenda and let me know - I’ll be happy to talk about the feature in your
absence. Please do leave me enough time to familiarize myself with the content
though :slight_smile:

[3] Current Sprint Information - Foreman

Just want to highlight something for those who might not have spotted it… We often get PMs on IRC regarding the exact time, usually on the day. If you want to add the event to your local calendar, try going to the event on the Events board, where you will see this at the top of the page:

Screenshot from 2018-02-08 22-41-40

This will open a menu with options to add directly to Google Calendar, or to download an ICS file for local use. Either way you’ll get a calendar entry that’s right for your timezone. Hope it helps!

In case you missed it, this was recorded last week.

This time we shared experiences from the latest conferences, showed our ansible integration updates, hammer improvements, changes and new features in remote execution, reports, and searchable fields in the api.

Community survey:

Sections in the demo:

As always you can ask questions here in the comments, or on the Discourse forum, or in our IRC channel - presenter IRC names are in the notes above!

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