Foreman database.yml pool size tuning?


When installing foreman - the database.yml specifies a pool size of “5”.

Is there any expectation that this needs to be higher/lower in large environments? I have each of my puppetmaster(s) configured with “up to” 32 jruby instances. I therefore upped this to “35” to ensure i had enough db connection(s) (if I’m understanding it properly) to allow all 32 jruby instances to be able to connect to the database.

Or maybe im misunderstanding this property entirely? I can’t really find anything on what it should be set to, if it should be modified, and why/what to check to see if it’s a bottleneck.

On a related note, does anyone here maintain a “larger” foreman instance? I spend a lot of my day “tweaking” apache, passenger, jruby, mysql (mariadb) - with no real baseline/info knowledge on whether what I’m doing is correct, or just making things worse. I’d LOVE to chat with someone in a similar situation…

15k servers (linux, windows, hp-ux) - 30 minute check-in, 26 environments, approximately 900 classes per environment - anyone doing anything similar size-wise? I’d LOVE to talk sizing/performance/scaling of foreman and compare our current settings…