foreman-develop-source-release 236 failed

foreman source release pipeline failed:

postgres on 2.3 is failing:

[2019-09-12T08:20:00.569Z] Using /usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.5 with gemset foreman-develop-source-release-236-ruby-2-3-postgres

[2019-09-12T08:20:01.135Z] Your Gemfile lists the gem puma (>= 0) more than once.

[2019-09-12T08:20:01.135Z] You should probably keep only one of them.

[2019-09-12T08:20:01.135Z] Remove any duplicate entries and specify the gem only once (per group).

[2019-09-12T08:20:01.135Z] While it's not a problem now, it could cause errors if you change the version of one of them later.

[2019-09-12T08:20:04.987Z] Fetching gem metadata from

[2019-09-12T08:20:04.987Z] Fetching gem metadata from

[2019-09-12T08:20:05.257Z] You have requested:

[2019-09-12T08:20:05.257Z]   capybara ~> 3.0, < 3.16


[2019-09-12T08:20:05.257Z] The bundle currently has capybara locked at 3.29.0.

[2019-09-12T08:20:05.257Z] Try running `bundle update capybara`


[2019-09-12T08:20:05.257Z] If you are updating multiple gems in your Gemfile at once,

[2019-09-12T08:20:05.257Z] try passing them all to `bundle update`

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