Foreman Discovery 4.0.0 (Foreman 1.9 compatible)



Foreman Discovery 4.0 has hit our 1.9 plugin repositories. It's brings
compatibility with Foreman 1.9 (all RCs and the final release) and
several other new features:

  • Discovered host status indicators help to recognize new or inactive
  • Multiple facts visible on the index page (discovery_fact_column).
  • Improved logging helps to identify issues mostly in discovery phase.
  • New Reboot all button useful for image upgrade of all nodes.

We've fixed a lot of bugs, including issues with facter compatibility,
rebooting when editing form, leftover tokens/attribute_sets and
permissions. After upgrade, please review permissions of Discovery
Manager and Reader roles as we have added more permissions and renamed
one. No manual action is needed, but check if everything is setup

The release is compatible with our latest stable discovery image (2.1.1)
and our plan is to rollout improved image 3.0 in the upcoming weeks
which will bring new Text User Interface with additional capabilities.

For documentation, please visit:

Upgrade is straightforward and does not require any manual step.

Complete list of changes:

#10469 - Discovery rule taxonomy is enforced
#10192 - Added model field to discovered
#11209 - Widget improvements and add status indicator
#10898 - Auto provisioning and rules permissions corrected
#10195 - Discovered node is no longer rebooted on error
#10892 - Multiple columns support for discovery_fact_column
#9963 - Removed unused permissions and role
#11101 - Relaxed deface dependency
#10864 - Removed N+1 queries
#10828 - Facts are logged when discovery fails
#9607 - Discovery search succeeds on IP, MAC and Subnet
#10445 - Subnet is associated through primary iface
#9857 - Facter extensions now compatible with 1.8+
#9619 - Improved API documentation
#9291 - Added Reboot All hosts button
#10554 - Removed the non UI routes for creating a discovered host
#10555 - Removed JSON response from discovered_hosts controller
#10781 - Fixed unit tests for new partition tables
#9870 - Friendlier error for auto-provisioning with no discovery rule
#9597 - Added test to check that token is not created for discovered host
#9870 - Added error response code when auto-provision fails
#10375 - Entering edit form doesn't delete attributes
#9895 - Fixed resource type in discovery_rules permissions
#10365 - Removed all tokens when there are no managed hosts
#10005 - Removed unused default scope and added tax tests
#9881 - Rules work when organizations and locations are disabled
#9912 - Fixed ambiguous column error by using table_name
#9870 - Auto-provisioning a host, when no rule is defined, raises proper error
#9881 - Added organization/location to discovery_rules
#9546 - Moved host_converter to proper directory for rails
#9572 - Improved API for CLI
#9044 - Refactored MAC test fix
#9366 - Host limit for discovery rule defaults to zero
#9488 - Migration to delete discovery_attribute_set from managed hosts

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