Foreman Discovery 5.0


Foreman Discovery plugin 5.0 (compatible with Foreman 1.11 series) is
now available in RPM and DEB repositories. New features:

  • E-mail reporting of discovered hosts
  • Performance improvement of index page with custom fact column(s)
  • Hostname of discovered hosts is fully configurable
  • Rails 4.X compatibility changes
  • Improved fact parsing

For full list of changes visit our manual page:

Updated Foreman Discovery Image 3.1 is also available. This is a release
candidate, the final release will be available after Foreman (Proxy) is
finalized. Changes:

  • Image rebuilt on CentOS 7.2
  • NetworkManager TFTP race condition solved
  • PXE-less TUI screen fixes
  • Root password can be passed in encrypted form
  • Some unwanted dependencies dropped

As always, download from:

Thanks to all contributors in this release (in no particular order):

Aaron Krzywicki
Michael Rice
Konstantin Orekhov
Shlomi Zadok
Imriz Vik
Daniel Lobato
Ori Rabin
Robert A.B. Gelonch
Tom Caspy
Alon Goldboim
Lukas Zapletal

··· -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal