Foreman Discovery 7.0.1 minor update


Foreman Discovery 7.0.1 was made available during Christmas for Foreman
1.13 and 1.14 (RC). This minor version includes four changes: two
regressions in regular provisioning (architecture, OS, bond NIC), upgrade
path from 1.11 or older version and regression in 1.14 RC version.

Bug #16750: *_selected methods expect params[:host] to exist
Bug #17205: Creating bonded NICs is broken in Discovery 7.0
Bug #17585: Upgrade fail due to missing override column in filter
Bug #17706: Traceback when trying to provision a Discovered Host

The next version is likely to be 7.1 beginning next year to hit the last
release candidate of 1.14, this is gonna be bugfix release.

I would like to take opportunity to thank all Discovery plugin contributors
in 2016 and wish happy New Year to everyone. The upcoming 2017 will be Year
of Foreman!

··· -- Later, Lukas @lzap Zapletal