Foreman Discovery 8.0 is ready

Hello all,

Foreman Discovery 8.0 compatible with Foreman 1.14 is ready to be
tested with the latest Release Candidates. Following the steps of
previous version, 8.0 is a bugfix release. There is more than 20 bug
fixed in this release. Deface is no longer used in the plugin thanks
to refactoring, therefore the dependency was dropped. For the complete
list of bugs fixed visit:

The plugin is available in the 1.14 (RC) and nightly streams and it
can be installed as you read these lines.

I would like to thank all contributors in this release: Amit Karsale,
Bryan Kearney, Daniel Lobato Garcia, Lukáš Zapletal, Marek Hulán, Ori
Rabin, Sean O'Keeffe, Shimon Shtein, Swapnil Abnave and Timo Goebel
for the deface refactoring. Number of contributors is constantly
increasing, which is great news for all of us.

As an reminder, Foreman Discovery Image 3.3 is also available for this
plugin version. There are no changes and the only change is base OS
which is now CentOS 7.3. When booting UEFI (via Grub2), MD5 media
check is now also correct: #12101.

Please take your time to test Discovery 8.0 with the Release Candidate
and report bugs as usual:

Over! Chrrrrrrrrchm. Beep.

··· -- Later, Lukas @lzap Zapletal