Foreman Discovery 9.0 available


Discovery 9.0 is ready in the repositories, compatible with 1.15
series. New features:

  • UI notifications on discovered nodes
  • "Sorry but no templates were configured" on preview finally fixed
  • improved UI around discovered node detail page
  • other bugfixes

Fixes #17959 - add plugin permissions to core roles
Fixes #19032 - widget truncates with ellipsis
Fixes #18677 - adds notification events on host discovery
Fixes #18747 - DB Rails 4.x timestamps deprecations
Fixes #18834 - unify label help with 1.15
Refs #18801 - append example extra options to kexec
Fixes #15548 - Discovered host supports template methods
Fixes #18686 - fixed unit tests for taxonomy changes
Fixes #18296 - improve the font for host name
Fixes #18000 - Update button label from New to Create
Fixes #16890 - prevent discovery of managed hosts
Fixes #18106 - include host common filters
Fixes #17928 - Update syntax to scoped_search 4

We have renamed some buttons in order to follow generic style "Create"
instead of "New", please visit Transifex and translate new strings if
you want to catch up other languages.

This version still does not deliver two highly requested features
which are renewal of IP address during provisioning and scripting
capabilities in autoprovisioning for detailed NIC configuration. We
hope to work on them in the upcoming cycle.

··· -- Later, Lukas @lzap Zapletal