Foreman Discovery Image 2.0 RC1


new Discovery Image is out which is the candidate for the very first version
from 2.0 series. Lots of changes inside, but the interface and behavior remains
the same so you can easily upgrade from 0.6 version:

  • smaller in size (only 145 MB whole RAM disk)
  • much faster and easier to build (dropped ovirt-node support)
  • easier downstream building (in koji)
  • based on centos7
  • systemd and network manager full support (fast and reliable boot)
  • easier to troubleshoot

Download here:

Note we are changing the distribution format. Now it's a tar archive
containing the kernel, the image, md5sum and README files. Just copy to
the tftpboot directory and use different syslinux configuration:

LABEL discovery2
MENU LABEL Foreman Discovery 2.0 CentOS7
KERNEL boot/fdi-image/vmlinuz0
APPEND initrd=boot/fdi-image/initrd0.img rootflags=loop
root=live:/fdi.iso rootfstype=auto ro acpi=force rd.luks=0 rd.lvm=0 rd.bootif=0 rd.neednet=0 nomodeset
foreman.url=http://xyz fdi.ssh=1 fdi.rootpw=redhat

Note the different root statement (fdi.iso and not foreman.iso) and also
new fdi.* statements which allows you to enable ssh and set root
password (useful for troubleshooting). Also note the rd.bootif and
rd.neednet options which are recommended now. The APPEND should be on
one line!

When reporting bugs, please use discovery-debug command and pastebin the
output into our bug tracker:

Since RHEL7/CentOS7 are quite close to Fedora 19, we are not releasing
discovery image based on F19. But once Foreman supports Fedora 21, a image will
be built for those who want to live on the edge.

This version cannot be installed using foreman-installer option, please
manually download as I will be patching the installer tomorrow.

··· -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal