Foreman Discovery Image 3.1


After longer period of testing than usual, Foreman Discovery Image 3.1
is ready for download (version 3.1.2). Notable changes:

  • Fixes #14201 - fixed umask for injected files
  • Fixes #7821 - start and enable lldpad on all net interfaces
  • Fixes #12429 - fixed network race conditions
  • Fixes #12641 - Refresh facts errors and adds new entry mac000000000000
  • Fixes #12675 - custom fact screen shows up in PXE-less with DHCP
  • Fixes #12610 - discovery_boootif detection fixed
  • Root password can be specified in encrypted format
  • Resolve https when using port 8443/9090/443

The image is now built on CentOS 7.2 and since it got bigger because of the
latest updates, we worked hard to bring the size down to reasonable 227 MB
(kernel + image) by dropping unwanted loaders (e.g. MacOS) and few files

Our installer is already downloading this new build for few weeks now, if you
want to update head overe to:

··· -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal