Foreman Discovery Image 3.5.6 released


Foreman Discovery Image version 3.5.6 has been built against latest CentOS 7.6. Download at:

It’s been some time since we released an update due to some build infrastructure changes. The new release is built against fresh CentOS packages including new kernel. Notable improvements:

  • grub.cfg is now copied into efiboot.img image for better EFI compatibility
  • facter now properly detect hardware changes and reuploads facts (max every 15 minutes)
  • kernel option “nokaslr” which improves kexec compatibility is added by remaster script by default
  • the image is now easier to build thank to ./build-release script which leverages virt-builder, virt-install and libvirt (tested on Fedora 3x and CentOS 7.x)

Thanks to all contributors. Keep the patches coming.

Have fun!