Foreman Discovery Image 3.7


Foreman Discovery Image 3.7 is ready for download:

This is rather a big release after few years, as you can see we skipped version 3.6 because the pre-release builds did not work well and I could not deliver the required changes on time. The newly released version 3.7 now contains SCL Ruby from our repositories, smart-proxy and all services running on the SCL Ruby as well as the text user interface. More importantly, facter was upgraded from version 0.2x.y to version 4.0.x which is a huge change and it was actually the reason why we had to ditch Ruby 2.0 which is no longer present on the image.

Facter 0.2x did not report IPv6 interfaces, so now those should appear correctly. Provisioning over IPv6 is now supported via HTTP UEFI Boot, so everything should be in place for this feature to fully work including discovery. We’d be happy for any feedback on this feature.

Take special care to reported facts or any regressions, few of them were removed:

  • discovery_bootip (it was unused by the plugin)
  • ethtool facts (speed, port, duplex etc)

If you are missing any facts, feel free to contribute custom facts (4.0).

The image should work with Foreman 2.0 - 2.3. Please report bugs.

For the next releases, I would like to drop the text-user interface written in Ruby and newt for much more simple menu written in shell and whiptail. Also the wizard style did not prove to be the best approach because PXE and PXE-less workflows are different while a single menu would provide a good experience for all users. Also this will allow to merge the codebase - some parts are handled in shell and others in Ruby, having everything in shell would allow to streamline our testing.

Going forward, I envision foreman-discovery-image as a node that works with Remote Execution plugin so we could drop smart-proxy providing reboot/kexec API and maybe in the future even Facter and Ruby alltogether. But we are not there yet, some refactoring in Foreman core needs to happen beforehand.

Have a good day.

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FDI 3.7.1 was released. Changes:

  • Fixed problem in initramdisk generation, the image now includes drivers for Microsoft Hyper-V CDROM and keyboard. Regression

FDI 3.7.2 was released. Changes:

  • Custom ethtools facts were reintroduced. These were removed in 3.7.0 release as unused by accident.

FDI 3.7.3 was released.

  • Kexec Error During command execution: no implicit conversion of String to Integer problem was resolved