Foreman discovery image 4.0 el8 RC


I am presenting you the very first alpha build of FDI build from CentOS 8 Stream, download here:

It is a big change, EL8 uses new stack to build livecd called Lorax and we had to do lot of changes. Special thanks to srwalter for the initial patch, I did the rest. Please report issues or even positive feedback here - we need to hear from you guys how it works so we can proceed to the beta phase.

This build is really an alpha build because it was built locally on my system, integration with our Jenkins is next. It will be a challenge because due to some limitations the build can be only performed via QEMU, therefore nested virtualization will be used on our Jenkins I guess. Let’s see next year.

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I’ve extracted the files by running livecd-iso-to-pxeboot fdi-3.8.0-ef65877.iso and then tried to boot it, however once I got the files over PXE and it started booting it failed like this

and then dropped to the dracut shell

You need to rename the image to fdi.iso prior doing that. Or use this instead:

I tested the ISO locally (not PXE yet) and it works fine.

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Just for the record, I am finishing off with CI changes and the next version (beta) will have both ISO and PXE files for download on our standard location. If you want PXE, perhaps just wait.

I was hoping to push out another alpha build before holidays, but I am getting no route error to isodirect on the CentOS CI:

So, I guess this is it! See you next year.

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Thanks to @evgeni who helped me to track down the problem with ISO.

However, it does not look good. Lorax only produces usable artifacts when FDI is built via libvirt, therefore nested virtualization is used and it looks like it is extremely slow. It’s not 3 hours and counting: foreman-discovery-image-build #58 Console [Jenkins]

I’ve aborted the build after over 4h :frowning:

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Yeah thanks, I was keeping an eye on this, this is bad. I am looking into building via mock now which “should work but I haven’t tested it” from the original author. Hmmm.

I have finally successfully built FDI 4.0 on our CI:

Test it out while it is hot!

I have found out that the hostname (fdi) does resolve pretty slow which makes facter very slow. Added the entry to the /etc/hosts to resolve that.

Image fdi-4.0.0-975b541.iso is affected, initiated a new build that will solve the problem for quicker testing.

The latest build looks okay, anyone else tested it? fdi-4.0.0-4f189ba.iso

That could be our RC!

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There are problems with rebooting, systemd does not carry over correctly to initramdisk and reboot command fails. Fix is in the works.

And we have a winner! This is the final build of FDI 4.0:

Have fun.