Foreman Discovery Image 4.1 with 22.0.2 of the plugin does not start lldap.service by default

Just updated the foreman discovery image to 4.1 (yes, it takes us a long time) and upon boot to discovery the lldp information isn’t coming through. Saw a lot of chatter with 3.6 versions of the image running into troubles with this, but for us on 4.1 it seems like the lldap.service is not starting. When I ssh into the image and run systemctl start lldap.service and then from the foreman discovery UI (via VNC) hit the Resend button all the facts seem to come through and I can get neighbor information, switch, vlan, etc. At least for eno1, eno2 still shows nothing via the lldptool

Cut back to 3.5 and no issues, all the facts come through just fine.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman: 3.5.3
Proxy: 3.5.3

Foreman Discovery plugin and image versions:
Plugin: 22.0.2
Image: 4.1

Has anyone else had success with this Discovery image publishing the lldp facts? Just trying to understand why this would stop working in 4.1 but still works fine in 3.5, unless it’s package related or version/kernal magic I’m not aware of.