Foreman Discovery plugin, RC release

Hi all,

As stated in this afternoon's deep dive, the Foreman Discovery plugin is
now available as an RC release (we're already at rc2 thanks to some files I
forgot to package in rc1 :P)

You can simply add "foreman_discovery" to your Foreman's Gemfile and bundle
update to install. You'll need to read through the docs[1] and/or watch the
deep dive[2] for explanations of how it all works.

There are reports of the image building rake task not working well on some
distros - hopefully your test reports will help iron out the bugs, but in
the meantime, we will host an image for you to use in case the build script
fails for you. We're still debating the final home for these files, but for
now you can get them from here[3]

Your testing will be greatly appreciated during the RC phase - please
report any issues on Gthe plugin GitHub page[1] for now. Feel free to ask
questions in IRC[4] or here on the mailing list if you get stuck.

Have fun! :slight_smile:



In a follow up to the image locations, there are now two (yes, a whole
two!) images to choose from. There is a prod image[1] which does not start
a shell on boot, and has no active accounts to log in to - it's a sealed
box. Alternatively, there is a debug image[2] which does auto-login to the
'tc' user, and also now starts SSH on boot so that you can ssh to the
discovery image if need be. The default password is 'test1234'.

These images also contain firmware for bnx2, broadcom, and scsi hardware,
which should help the image work on more machines.

Some bug fixes for the plugin itself are flowing in already - I expect
we'll do rc3 next week.