Foreman does not update, when client is on the internet

I’m simulating an environment, where the node (client) is on the internet (outside the internal network) and communicates with puppet master/Foreman.

Synchronization is done on the puppet, but Foreman does not update, “latest report” does not update.

In the firewall, only port 8140 was released.

Has anyone ever had this problem? Or am I missing some configuration?
Thank you.

Normally the puppetmaster has a reporting script that sends it. That means the Puppet master (not the client) needs to be able to connect to Foreman. If it can retrieve the node definition (node.rb) then that implies there’s no firewall problem.

Are you by any chance using Puppet 4 and Ubuntu 16.04? You might be running into

THank you!!! That it’s all ok now.