Foreman doesn't think it has a UEFI HTTP Boot SmartProxy (but it does)

I am trying to switch from TFTP to HTTP for our UEFI booting. I have set up our proxy and it shows up in the Smart Proxies list with “DHCP, HTTPBoot, Logs, Registration, and TFTP”.

However, when I try to update the config for a host to use Grub2 UEFI HTTP, I get this error when submitting the update:

Oops, we're sorry but something went wrong ERF42-7843 [Foreman::Exception]: HTTP UEFI boot requires proxy with httpboot feature

I’m guessing that I’ve missed a step somewhere but can’t decipher what that might be from this error and my current configuration, since we clearly do have a SmartProxy with that feature.

Foreman 3.2.0 on CentOS 7.9


is the proxy with HTTPBoot feature associated with the subnet you selected on your host for provisioning? Go to Edit Subnet and Proxy and associate it for the HTTPBoot field.

Also (very rare case): What is your smart proxy version? Very old smart proxy will cause issues for this scenario, make sure it is also 3.1 or 3.2.

Looks like we are missing this step in: Provisioning Guide

Updating! :slight_smile: