Foreman Fact virtual matcher problem

Foreman displays correct the fact virtual => vmware but the specify matcher isn’t working

Expected outcome:
If the attribute virtual has the value vmware create the the needed logrotate profile in logrotate.d

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.7.1908 x86_64

Other relevant data:
I tried different modules but the output is the same.
I can use is_virtuel => true and it does work, but we have vmware and kvm as hypervisors so I must use a better matcher.

I think this is because the Foreman host model also has a field virtual, which masks the fact. Not sure about a workaround. Does facts.virtual work?

Hello Ekohl,

I tried the facts.virtual = vmware as matcher but no change here. On our CentOS Servers I found an alternative way with virt::host_type but it is a rhsm fact. Does this work when I register the debian server in katello? This would be a workaround.

Is there a documentation about facts that foreman uses internal? So they are not available for matchers?
I have found a workaround. When I use model = VMware Virtual Platform it works.
So I wrote as exact matcher is_virtual, model = true, VMware Virtual Platform.
On my testsystems the logrotate rules applied. This issue can be closed.