Foreman for collecting reports in Masterless puppet runs


we are doing masteress puppet runs and for visibility of facts and reports
we want to use Foreman.

I can successfully send the reports to a foreman server with below process

on all agents change the puppet.conf to add :

report = true
reports = foreman

and copied the foreman.rb to puppet custom report folder

and added a foreman.yaml file in /etc/puppet.conf that looks like this :

··· --- :url: "" :puppetdir: "/var/lib/puppet" :puppetuser: "puppet" :facts: true :timeout: 60 :report_timeout: 60 :threads: null

now I am concern with :

1- how can I also send facts to the Foreman server on Puppet runs ?
2 - the only way that I can send reports to foreman is to turn off the
authentication (:login: false) in foreman server which is bad since
everyone now can access the web gui.


Module: ‘foreman’

:unattended: true
:login: false
:require_ssl: true
:locations_enabled: false
:organizations_enabled: false
:puppetrun: false
:puppetssldir: /var/lib/puppet/ssl

any ideas ?!