Foreman function examples

Once again I can't find anything authoritative and basic as far as examples
for using the foreman function. I'll post the basic examples that I've
gotten working but I'd appreciate help with the one thing I'm trying to do.
First the working examples and URLs for reference:

$hosts = foreman(item => 'hosts', search => 'last_report > "1 week ago" and
hostgroup = Clients', per_page => 1000)
$hosts = foreman(item => 'fact_values', search => 'fact = ipaddress or fact
= gateway')

Or more eloquently
$g = { item => 'hosts',
search => 'last_report > "1 week ago"',
per_page => '20',
foreman_url => '',
foreman_user => 'api_user',
foreman_pass => 'api_pass' }
$hosts = foreman($g)

So that basic stuff is all well and good however I'm trying to set up all
of my interfaces to have static IP addresses when built in Foreman.
I'm trying to use the foreman function to pass the interface information in
foreman to puppet so I can set up eth1+ as static interfaces.

Looking at the Foreman API v2 page I can make sense of the following:
GET /api/hosts(List all hosts) == item => 'hosts',

but how do I do:
GET /api/hosts/:host_id/interfaces(List all interfaces for host)

In summary I'd like to be able to get all interfaces of the agent returned
so I can use tat data in puppet. Thanks.