Foreman init script for CentOS/RHEL

I'm having a bit of trouble determining if my Foreman install is
properly functioning. I can access the website just fine, however the
foreman init script tells me it's not running.

$ /etc/init.d/foreman start
Starting foreman: [ OK ]
$ /etc/init.d/foreman status
Foreman is stopped
$ ps aux | grep foreman
foreman 6865 0.0 5.8 227540 120120 ? S 17:17 0:00
Rails: /usr/share/
foreman 6870 0.2 5.9 230380 122980 ? S 17:17 0:02
Rails: /usr/share/
root 24650 0.0 0.0 61204 844 pts/5 S+ 17:34 0:00 grep
–colour=auto foreman

I've not used many Rails applications, but there is also no PID file
created…the location in the ini.d script has no file. This is
strange because everything else seems to function properly.

Could a problem be that this same server is running puppet-dashboard
on port 3000? I noticed during the install that starting Foreman
required I specify a port other than 3000 or it would not start using
webrick. Using 0.3 .


  • Trey