Foreman-installer and puppetdb

Clarification on whether or not foreman-installer supports the installation and configuration of puppetdb via the puppetdb module.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 1.16

Other relevant data:
We have a split stack setup (Katello, postgreSQL host, Puppet Master, Puppet CA) to which I’m planning to add PuppetDB. Research indicates that PuppetDB should be installed after and separately to Foreman.

I plan on using the PuppetDB module to install and configure PostgreSQL and PuppetDB. I’m comfortable with installing the module on the Puppet Master and importing it into Foreman so that the classes are available to nodes. I notice that the PuppetDB module is already available in /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules/puppetdb which makes me wonder if this is something the installer can handle after all.

Can anyone clarify this for me?