Foreman-installer --certs-city etc. options

I am setting up a new katello/foreman server with current 4.4/3.2 on AlmaLinux 8. I wanted to set the certs module city, state, etc. but I get an error:

2022-04-22 10:54:01 [ERROR ] [root] Parameter certs-regenerate invalid: "--certs-city=Hamburg" is not a valid boolean

That can’t be right. From full-help:

    --certs-city                  City attribute for managed certificates (current: "Raleigh")

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hi @gvde ,

It looks to me that you passed something like foreman-installer --certs-regenerate --certs-city=Hamburg

The error says to me that the installer was expecting something like foreman-installer --certs-regenerate true --certs-city Hamburg so it was expecting a boolean value to follow --certs-regenerate and tried to interpret the next thing as that.

Let us know if this helps to solve the issue… thanks!

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You must be right. That makes the most sense, although on that server and that installation there shouldn’t be any --certs-regenerate because it’s the initial foreman-installer run on a new server.

But at that time I have did some certificate tests on a different server where I did use --certs-regenerate to see how to replace certificates if I need it. I guess it was a copy&paste error on my end, accidentally pasting the command from the other server on my new server. Next day, I have tried again and it worked again probably because I have copied the command from my notes this time…