Foreman-installer fails with TypeError errors during upgrade process

I am getting the following message when executing the foreman daemon.

"no implicit conversion of nil into String (TypeError)"

When I go to the web UI get the “Web application could not be started” message. (see attached)
Error ID; 915e7d2e

The foreman server daemon starts and after about 20 seconds it dies.

I see an error the same error when running the foreman-installer application.
"no implicit conversion of nil into String (TypeError)"

Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Other relevant data:
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The clients are seeing the following error message:

Unable to retrieve information for linux2
“/opt/puppetlabs/puppet/node.rb linux2” returned 1

S26-328-KM-18122018340_Page_1 S26-328-KM-18122018340_Page_2 S26-328-KM-18122018340_Page_3 S26-328-KM-18122018340_Page_4 S26-328-KM-18122018340_Page_5 S26-328-KM-18122018340_Page_6 S26-328-KM-18122018340_Page_7 S26-328-KM-18122018340_Page_8

This looks like an issue in Foreman itself with a plugin that doesn’t specify an id. Can you share which plugins you’ve installed?