Foreman is flawed

sorry for freaking out.
please just take this guide and finish it, especially the Lifecycle Management, so no other dev will fall in this rabbithole.
it was extremly devastating to start out with this software, because i had sooo many issues and a lot of them havnt even bin discussed on the net.
I have no team and no one in the forum, or chat have answered my questions yet, which i think is really sad.
i think the main reason why this software is so devastating to use is because of missing information and some guides/tutorials (like kubernetes offers for example). i understand this might be due to scrum, but without a community, or team: your pretty much stuck when encountering issues.
i might request to much here, but i tried my best to help.

Hi @ji-podhead

What specific questions did you have?

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Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

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Sorry, that you feel like that. It’s a complex software. It has bugs and it’s not without flaws. But I have no problems using it and have got support here in when I needed it, got bugs fixed when I found them. It’s tough in the beginning but possible to tackle, if you don’t try to do too many, too complex things right from the start. But I found help here. Just be patient. Some bugs reported long time ago haven’t been fixed, yet, too. It’s a community and not a paid support forum.

The guides may be lacking at parts, but that’s mostly the usual problem that people like to write code but hate documentation. Thus, you are more than welcome to write the guides that are missing.

Beyond that, again: patience is key. Looking at the sheer number of posts you have posted in those few days since you have joined. You did a quite a few things you really shouldn’t do and which can keep those who volunteer to help from answering.

You post and reply to your own posts, making it really hard to track and fully understand your issues because information is spread over pages of posts. You cross post your own posts. You reply to topics which are years old and about ancient versions. You don’t fill in the information requested when you start a new topic, thus noone knows what you are using. You expect fast, proficient replies to complex scenarios which possibly only very few people know about.

Those are all things where I (as user and occasional participant here) hesitate to bother even looking at it.

Foreman is open-source. You can help to make it better. Otherwise, I would suggest to buy Redhat Satellite with support. Maybe that more fits your expectations?