Foreman/Katello: Best versions combo to start with on CentOS 7


I’d like to start on a fresh installation of Foreman/Katello on CentOS 7 (well, ideally I’d have taken CentOS Stream but it doesn’t seem Foreman/Katello can be installed on it yet)

I’ve tried Foreman 2.4 + Katello 4.0 on a fresh CentOS 7 installation and I haven’t had a good experience so far…

Is it better to target Foreman 2.3 + Katello 3.18?


Maybe you could describe some of the problems you had on Foreman 2.4/Katello 4.0?

That would make it easier to evaluate if those problems are related to 4.0 instability or just “general getting started difficulties”.

Problem I have with 2.4 / 4.0:

Done 2 fresh installs of CentOS 7 + foreman/katello setups and same issue…