Foreman/Katello, FreeIPA Realm and DNS entries

My Katello server is integrated with a Ream domain provided by 2 FreeIPA Servers.
All the setup is in CentOS 7.

My FreeIPA has DNS and what is working is:

  1. Create a host in Katello and IPA
  2. Delete a host from Katello it’s removed from IPA along with it’s DNS entries.

What is not working is the creation of the DNS entries for the host when I provision it from Katello.
I looked at the code and I saw this:

      # Send params to FreeIPA, may want to send more than one in the future

      setattr = params.has_key?('userclass') ? ["userclass=#{params['userclass']}"] : []

As far as I understand, if (somehow) send the parameter ip_address (along with the host IP which should be a variable!) to the foreman proxy, IPA will create the DNS records, since IPA’s new_host API call has this option and the documentation says it will create the DNS entries for the host. So, how can I pass this parameter to the realm_proxy?
I use Hostgroups for the provisioning of the machines, so, I can set this parameter to the top level HG.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.9