Foreman-maintain and katello scripts cross-development

As mentioned in previous threads, katello scripts are being moved to foreman-maintain. During this time, there will be some cross-development on both foreman-packaging and foreman-maintain.

Currently the status of moving these scripts is:

The scripts will stay in foreman-packaging until at least the 3.7 branch date next week and then we will discuss the best way to remove them.

If you are working on any of these scripts in foreman-packaging, please be do the following:

  • If the script has been moved (PR is merged) to foreman-maintain, either open up a corresponding PR to foreman-maintain, or file an issue and contact myself, @iNecas, or @mbacovsky.
  • If the script has not been moved yet (PR is open) to foreman-maintain, please comment on the corresponding PR in foreman-maintain with a link to your PR in foreman-packaging. We will monitor and make sure the changes make it into our PR.

We are doing our best to monitor the scripts and make sure all changes in foreman-packaging make it into foreman-maintain, but it does help if you can reach out when those changes are being made. Hopefully, we can remove the scripts shortly after the 3.7 branch date and move development exclusively to foreman-maintain.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to improve this process.


Would it be useful to have a a comment in the (foreman-packaging) files themselves about this? Another place that could work is a README in packages/katello/katello with some links.

Also don’t forget the bash completion script :wink: I think this defiantly needs to be done before we remove katello-service from the foreman-packaging repo.

This is a good idea, a comment in the script itself would be helpful

Yes, we haven’t forgotten :grinning: afaik this is still a blocker for the next foreman-maintain release as discussed