Foreman-maintain backup STUCK re-enabling sync plans (Katello 4.5, Foreman 3.3)

Katello 4.5, Foreman 3.3. Just upgraded from previous version.

The foreman backup now gets STUCK “re-enabling sync plans” at the end.

To clear this I have to shut everything down and reboot, and then re-enable the sync plan.

I had a similar issue in 4.3, fixed in 4.4. Possible regession?

As an aside using ''whitelist=… foor the sync plan choices does let me work around this, but I am hoping can still take a look at it’s clearly an issue. Thanks guys!

Ping. anyone?

If anyone running katello 4.5 can try doing a backup I’d really appreciate it (to see if this is actually a problem or SOMEHOW jusst me?)

Sample backup command:

foreman-maintain backup offline --assumeyes