foreman-nightly-deb-pipeline 580 failed

Foreman DEB nightly pipeline failed:

foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-ubuntu1804-install (failed)
foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-debian10-install (failed)
foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-debian10-upgrade (failed)
foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-ubuntu1804-upgrade (failed)

[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] TASK [foreman_installer : Ensure ENV locales are available] ********************
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31mfatal: [pipe-foreman-server-nightly-debian10]: FAILED! => e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m  msg: |-e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m    The conditional check 'item' failed. The error was: error while evaluating conditional (item): Unable to look up a name or access an attribute in template string ({% if en_GB.UTF-8 %} True {% else %} False {% endif %}).e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m    Make sure your variable name does not contain invalid characters like '-': unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'AnsibleUndefined' and 'int'e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m  e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m    The error appears to be in '/root/forklift/roles/foreman_installer/tasks/locales.yml': line 11, column 3, but maye[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m    be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m  e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m    The offending line appears to be:e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m  e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m  e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m    - name: 'Ensure ENV locales are available'e[0m
[2021-02-18T08:00:43.565Z] e[0;31m      ^ heree[0m

I think this may have been a result of:

Keeping the loop complete:

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