foreman-nightly-deb-pipeline 872 failed

Foreman DEB nightly pipeline failed:

foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-debian10-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-ubuntu2004-upgrade (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-debian11-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-ubuntu2004-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-foreman-nightly-debian10-upgrade (failed) (remote job)

I didn’t check others than the debian10 install, but that one failed on Ansible Galaxy (which we need for forklift:

[2022-02-22T07:54:03.234Z] e[0;31me[0;31mERROR! Unknown error when attempting to call Galaxy at '': ('The read operation timed out',)e[0me[0m

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