Foreman-nightly-rpm-pipeline 674 failed

Foreman nightly pipeline failed:

Processing '/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/foreman-nightly-test/builds/363/tap-master-files/debug/n9.dusty/tmp/debug/pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7/root/bats_results/fb-test-puppet.bats.tap'
Parsing TAP test result [/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/foreman-nightly-test/builds/363/tap-master-files/debug/n9.dusty/tmp/debug/pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7/root/bats_results/fb-test-puppet.bats.tap].
ok 1 check smart proxy is registered
ok 2 assert puppet version
ok 3 wake up puppet agent
ok 4 check host is registered
ok 5 install puppet module
ok 6 import ntp puppet class
not ok 7 assign puppet class to host
# (in test file fb-test-puppet.bats, line 72)
#   `hammer host update $pc_ids $id --name $(hostname -f)' failed with status 65
# Could not update the host:
#   Environment with id 1 doesn't exist or is not assigned to proper organization and/or location
ok 8 apply class with puppet agent

The most relevant suspect:

@tbrisker could you have a look?

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This should fix it:

Indeed, the host now gets the default taxonomies set but the bats didn’t assign the proxy and environment to these taxonomies.

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