foreman-nightly-rpm-pipeline 709 failed

Foreman RPM nightly pipeline failed:

Looks like a new kafo version was tagged but installer deps not updated:

[2020-08-08T21:51:39.233Z]   stderr: 'Error: Repoclosure ended with unresolved dependencies.'
[2020-08-08T21:51:39.233Z]   stderr_lines: <omitted>
[2020-08-08T21:51:39.233Z]   stdout: |-
[2020-08-08T21:51:39.233Z]     package: foreman-installer-1:2.2.0-0.5.develop.20200805031158gitb560645.el7.noarch from el7-foreman-nightly
[2020-08-08T21:51:39.233Z]       unresolved deps:
[2020-08-08T21:51:39.233Z]         tfm-rubygem(kafo) < 5.0.0

Should be fixed by

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