foreman-nightly-rpm-pipeline 863 failed

Foreman RPM nightly pipeline failed:

el8 failed repoclosure:

[2020-12-16T21:52:17.786Z]     package: nodejs-babel-runtime-6.26.0-5.el8.noarch from el8-foreman-nightly
[2020-12-16T21:52:17.786Z]       unresolved deps:
[2020-12-16T21:52:17.786Z]         npm(regenerator-runtime) >= 0.11.0
[2020-12-16T21:52:17.786Z]         (npm(regenerator-runtime) >= 0.11.0 with npm(regenerator-runtime) < 0.12)
[2020-12-16T21:52:17.786Z]         npm(regenerator-runtime) < 0.12.0

Looks like a package was untagged that shouldn’t have.

At least I fixed the repoclosure, other tests still running

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