foreman-nightly-rpm-pipeline 91 failed

Foreman RPM nightly pipeline failed:

TASK [forklift : Bring up boxes] ***********************************************
fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => changed=true 
  - vagrant
  - up
  - --no-parallel
  - pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7
  delta: '0:00:02.950618'
  end: '2019-05-27 08:22:55.464039'
  msg: non-zero return code
  rc: 1
  start: '2019-05-27 08:22:52.513421'
  stderr: |-
    An error occurred while downloading the remote file. The error
    message, if any, is reproduced below. Please fix this error and try
    SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired
  stderr_lines: <omitted>
  stdout: |-
    Bringing machine 'pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7' up with 'libvirt' provider...
    ==> pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Box 'centos/7' could not be found. Attempting to find and install...
        pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Box Provider: libvirt
        pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Box Version: >= 0
    ==> pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Loading metadata for box 'centos/7'
        pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: URL:
    ==> pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Adding box 'centos/7' (v1902.01) for provider: libvirt
        pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Downloading:
    [K    pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Progress: 0% (Rate: 0*/s, Estimated time remaining: --:--:--)[K    pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Download redirected to host:
    [K    pipeline-foreman-nightly-centos7: Progress: 100% (Rate: 800/s, Estimated time remaining: --:--:--)[K
  stdout_lines: <omitted>

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