foreman-packaging-rpm-3.3-release 61 failed

foreman-packaging-rpm-3.3-release failed for foreman,foreman-installer,foreman-proxy,foreman-release,foreman-selinux

Foreman RPM packaging release job failed: foreman-packaging-rpm-3.3-release #61 [Jenkins]

I don’t think I’ve seen this before:

<class 'psycopg2.IntegrityError'>: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "rpminfo_unique_nvra"
DETAIL:  Key (name, version, release, arch, external_repo_id)=(foreman-installer-katello, 3.3.1, 1.el7, noarch, 0) already exists.

I did.

The problem is that Koji, for some obscure reason, doesn’t store the epoch here (it uses nvra, not nevra), and we did have a katello-installer version 3.3.1 “back in the day”.

We had to do something similar here: Bump foreman-installer release on 3.2.1 by Odilhao · Pull Request #7959 · theforeman/foreman-packaging · GitHub

Luckily, this is all history that will be wiped once the EL7-based setups rotate out of being supported :wink:

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