foreman-packaging update packages Github Action failed

foreman-packaging update packages Github Action failed

Now we’re finally at the point where it’s failing as expected:
Bump rubygem-rack-test RPM CONFLICT

Bump rubygem-jwt RPM CONFLICT

Foreman pins it to a specific version while the Smart Proxy has it unbound:

The Foreman pin probably needs to be loosened.

Bump rubygem-pulp_ostree_client RPM 2.0.0a7.dev1660193254

Our bumping can’t deal with pre-releases here. However, there is no stable release.

Bump rubygem-unicode-display_width RPM CONFLICT

Foreman pulls this in via Rubocop, which is a development dependency. So does smart-proxy, but that has pinned to an older Rubocop version. They aren’t used at runtime.

We actually have it packaged because Hammer depends on it.

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