Foreman_param_lookup with foreman 1.8


I am trying to use foreman_param_lookup and foreman_data_binding to provide
defaults for classes included by my role classes and am having difficulty
getting it two work. I have a couple problems:

  1. When the the plugins are enabled, the parameters for the primary puppet
    classes for a host are breaking. For example on one host I get the
    following error when running puppet:

Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER:
> Could not retrieve role::eznettools_proxy::external_iface for *** from
> Foreman at
> no implicit conversion of Array into String
The param_lookup result looks like:

ยทยทยท ---


The class has a number of parameters all of them with defaults provided in
the puppet class. A couple of the parameters are overridden in foreman but
configured to use the puppet default.
I was receiving similar errors for other classes as well. Almost all of my
servers were reporting similar errors.

  1. My goal was to provide a default value for ntp module servers parameter
    based on the location Matcher. The ntp module is included in most of my
    roles and I was trying to avoid having to specify the default for each
    role. However when I called param_lookup?host=***&class=ntp for the host
    above it gave me a result that just showed the main class for the host like:


when what I expected to see was something like:




I tested both with a location match and a fqdn match and neither worked.

Has any one used foreman_param_lookup with 1.8? Is there a compatibility
problem? Or am I missing something?

Thank you,