Foreman-pipeline demo

I have been recently working on a Foreman & Katello plugin, which aims to provide an integration with Foreman,
Katello and Jenkins. With this plugin, one should be able to build CI environment,
using the Foreman, Katello and Jenkins concepts together.
On Monday (23. 3.) at 14:00 GMT I will be doing a demo showing the current state of the affairs.
It will be available via [1,2].

The current workflow overview:

configure a job

  • trigger a job (manually or automatically on repository sync, content view publish/promote)
  • the job then handles
    • the provisioning of a new host
    • passing the host's attributes to the Jenkins projects to run the actual tests against the provisioned
    • optionally promote the content view version to another environment, if Jenkins builds pass

Jobs can be chained together and potentially move the content view version through the entire environment path.
During the demo I would like to show you how to configure a job and what
steps are necessary to make Foreman talk to Jenkins CI server.
I will be glad for any feedback which would help me improve the project [3].

Ondrej Prazak