Foreman plans for OpenVZ support ... are there workarounds?


I notice in Foreman's 3.3 documentation that its Libvirt provider only
supports KVM hypervisors. I searched the manual and redmine backlogs but
did not find any discussion of OpenVZ.

Is OpenVZ on Foreman's roadmap? I realize that KVM is an option, but I am
happy with the density I already obtain with OpenVZ and don't mind using
the same linux distribution on the container as I do on the host.

Has anyone succeeded in using OpenVZ with Foreman? I already use Proxmox
on some hosts and that may be an intermediary solution, but wonder if there
are simpler approaches.

Thank you,

Jon Jaroker


AFAIK Fog library, which we use in Foreman to connect to hypervisors,
does support OpenVZ via special provider called Openvz. I am not sure if
Libvirt provider supports OpenVZ, it should as it is generic interface,
but I haven't test it.

Anyway, you can create a patch that adds this provider into Foreman, it
should not be that difficult. The big advantage is you can then set up
things that are not available through simplified libvirt interface. E.g.
setting up templates or other parameters should be possible.


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Lukas “lzap” Zapletal
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