Foreman plugin for new compute provider

I'am working at cloud computing company. And i accidentally found The
Foreman. I was impressed how it works and his possibilities, so i decided
to write
Foreman plugin to my company,to manage all visualization, for now we manage
all visualization via UI or API calls with curl function.
I found several examples on internet, but still in first steps i get stock.
I want to add new compute provider and.
So maybe its possible to get some documentation or clear examples about
creating plugin for new compute provider, because i could not find any
information useful information on google for new guys.

Thank you.

There's a wiki page for general information on creating a plugin:

You could also look at or for example of
compute provider plugins which already work. Perhaps you'll find some
insight there.

More generally, if you're stuck on a particular point, we'll need to
see the code or at least the errors and debug logs to help you. It's
very difficult to troubleshoot "I'm stuck" without more data :slight_smile: