Foreman plugin to integrate to OnApp REST API


I'm looking for a solution to administer VMs in a cloud hosted by KVM
Hypervisor, through the OnApp cloud application REST APIs.
My Foreman server has no access to the Libvirt library, so this must be
done through OnApp REST API, otherwise I would use the Libvirt Compute

I'm thinking that this can be done as a foreman plugin that is interpreted
as a Compute Resource that functions exactly like the Libvirt compute
There is a Ruby library for working with the OnApp REST API. Squal:
I think this can be used in a plugin to make direct REST API calls, and so
it wont go through FOG.

Does anyone have a recomedation to where I can find something like this?
Or does anyone want to develop this as a paid job?


Foreman version 1.7.4
Ruby version 1.9.3
OnApp version 4.0 (
OS: Ubuntu 14.04

Kallon Weingarten